Wednesday Morning Breakfast (1 WW Point French Toast)

Just thought that I would share my breakfast this morning, since this is pretty much a staple of my diet, though it isn’t much of a recipe.

This French toast is made using the low cal flaxseed bread from Zambetti’s Bakery in New City, NY (my mother orders loaves to be shipped here Downeast). It takes about 4 slices to make a single WW point, so if you count the egg, it’s only 1 point!

Here, I’ve drizzled some of my mother’s homemade maple syrup, made myself a latte using Tazo’s Chai Tea Latte Concentrate and skim milk, and I threw in one of my Fat Free Spiced Banana Bread Muffins because I can. I had a little cantaloupe as well. The whole breakfast is about 5 points.

(Our well ran out of water, so I can’t do dishes at the moment. Please excuse the paper plate haha.)

My owl mug is from Cracker Barrell, by the way.


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