Halloween Caramel Apples

Long time no see!

I haven’t actually been able to do any baking/cooking at all since being back to school. This is partially due to the struggles of not having a stove or oven, partially due to the struggles of being a senior. Thesis are hard, guys. (And I’m not even officially writing it until next semester????)

So anything complicated, not possible. But it’s OCTOBER. Which means HALLOWEEN which means MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE ENTIRE YEAR.

So obviously I have to do something.

This weekend is actually Parent-Family-Weekend here at Bates. My mother came up and we ended up going apple-picking at Wallingford’s in Auburn. What is something festive, easy, and quick that I can do in my dorm with apples?

Caramel apples.

Caramel apples are literally 1-2-3. Stick sticks in apples, coat in caramel, then add toppings. Cool.

So here you are, Halloweeny Caramel Apples, for your pleasure!

The supplies that you will need are:

Apples (washed and dried well)


Popsicle sticks

Toppings (such as candies or sprinkles)

And wax (or parchment) paper

Start by sticking your popcicle sticks into your apples.

Next, melt your caramels. I followed the instructions on the back (nuke it in a microwave safe bowl for 2 1/2 minutes while being careful not to let it overflow).

Choose an apple and dip it in the caramel, coating it evenly and letting the excess drop off. Work quickly, because it doesn’t take long for it to dry too hard for your toppings to stick.

While tacky, sprinkle on (or stick on) your toppings. Place on wax/parchment paper.

Place in fridge until firm then enjoy!

(Best enjoyed while watching classic Halloween films, such as Hocus Pocus.)


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